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It is the time of year to go inside with our green thumb, so let us share a few hints on some inside household lighting.

Decoding those perplexing tag instructions on light.

If the tag says direct light, the plant needs six or more hours of bright sunshine a day, hitting it head-on.

If the tag says moderate light, the plant needs bright, direct sunshine only part of the time—about four hours a day.

If the tag says indirect light, the plant needs to be kept a few feet away from pounding sun at all times. It wants only ambient light.

If the tag says low light, the plant needs no direct sunshine and little ambient light. It’s happy in a room that never gets much sun.

North-facing windows don’t receive much light, southern windows tend to be sunny for much of the day, and eastern and western windows are sunny for part of the day. But, of course, trees, shrubs, and buildings can block light. Get to know the light in your home simply by observing it. That’s the best way to figure out what plants you can accommodate and where they should live.

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